Star Trek

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    • -44% Off
      $22.50 $40.49

      Beam me up, Scotty! Channel the brains and heart of the starship Entireprise's beloved chief engineer. Keep everything ship shape and don't let your crew down! This is the perfect costume for any fan of the show or movies! Officially licensed Includes: Shirt Material: Polyester, spandex Care: Hand wash Imported…

    • -44% Off
      $3.00 $5.39

      Star Trek's Spock is half-Vulcan. Vulcans are a humanoid species from the planet Vulcan known in part for their upswept eyebrows and the top of the ear's pinnae, which taper to a point. It is therefore both reasonable and logical that to accurately portray Spock, one must own a pair of pointed…

    • -44% Off
      $9.99 $17.99

      Half-human, half-Vulcan and 100% original, it's Spock. It's only logical that to portray the perfect Spock one needs all the proper accessories, starting with the unique Prince Valiant hairstyle, captured precisely in this official Star Trek Spock wig.   Officially licensed Material: Synthetic fibers Care: Hand wash with cool water and…