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    • -44% Off
      $11.00 $19.79

      Add a haunted touch to your house with this hanging bride doll. Her skin is ghost white, and her eyes are circled in blue, while her dress hangs well below her body, giving the illusion that perhaps this bride is more than just an innocent doll! Dimensions: 35.43" H x…

    • -44% Off
      $17.50 $31.49

      Create the ultimate haunted cemetery setting in your home this Halloween once you put this Hanging Creepy Floating Ghost on display. This creepy ghost will be haunting you and your family all night once Halloween comes around and you'll never know when you might hear her eerie moaning and haunting…

    • -44% Off
      $11.00 $19.79

      Hang this reaper in your Halloween display and you'll have everyone SCREAMING! It's light-up eyes and body are the perfect way to let your guests know what's coming, but still give them the scare they've been wanting! Pose its arms however you'd like, and you'll have the best Halloween display…

    • -44% Off
      $25.00 $44.99

      What's that just over your shoulder? Closer…closer…it's Ghost Face (R)! This 5 foot light-up hanging Ghost Face (R) prop is guaranteed to make your guests scream. Long, tattered fabric hangs from its ghastly white face creating a ghostly illusion. Featuring slender hands and a fake knife, this prop looks like…

    • -44% Off
      $9.99 $17.99

      Additional information Step it up a notch when you invite ghosts and goblins into your home. This Small Flying Ghost is suspended on a 25' long cable and he appears to float and fly back and forth while issuing creepy sounds. The sounds and the ghost are real – the…